Who will speak for Remain? Tim Farron or Tony Blair?

With at least 50% of all news being directly impacted by Brexit or it’s consequences, there is a lack of a single unified voice to represent the interests of everyone who voted Remain (and we suspect, a fair few who did vote for Leave who’ve seen the consequences) on the national stage.

Lord Farage of Brexit

Nigel Farage

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Ok course the leave side have several champions, none perhaps more qualified than Nigel Farage who is the de-facto voice of the Brexiteers.

I just think the establishment hate us

Nigel Farage
All the candidates attempting to lead UKIP have said they would support Mr Farage moving to the House of Lords.

This may not be an entirely altruistic move. Mr Farage has earned millions as an MEP. If the UK does Brexit, he will need an alternative source of income.

Who will speak for Remain?

There is still a lack of a clear, unified campaign for the Remain side. There is Nicola Sturgeon of course, but since her focus is still (unfortunately) too focussed on Scotland.

Tim Farron

Given that Labour has decided to vote itself into political irrelevance (by electing as Leader the person least likely to ever lead them into power as a party), the Liberals have become the defacto Opposition Party.

Tim Farron has had the sense to realise that despite the mood music in the printed press, the volume is slowing increasing from those who were either opposed to Brexit completely, or want to mitigate “hard Brexit” into “soft as possible Brexit”. YouGov recently published a poll showing that if somebody had the smarts to create a Stop Brexit party, it would poll at around 26% of the vote.


Mr Farron has smartly fielded a Liberal candidate into the Richmond Park by-election caused by Zac Goldsmith flouncing out of his seat as a protest against Heathrow Expansion. Although the Conservatives & Labour have said that they won’t field candidates, Tim Farron has rightly smelt a whiff that this would be a place to start the fight back.

Tony Blair

Mr Blair comes with a great deal of political baggage. In the hubris surrounding Iraq, it’s easy to forget that he was Labour’s most successful Prime Minister, winning three consecutive majority houses. An ability to win that has escaped all his succesors in the job.


But, Mr Blair knows a thing or two about mainstream politics. His recent return to the centreground of politics suggests that he feels there a space for a united front against the most bonkers elements of Brexit or, as he mooted recently, for the British public to be presented with the bill for their “new house” and decide if it is worth the price tag.

At Brexit24 we welcome Mr Blair’s intervention. There is nothing daft about asking to see the bill, before the nation decides.

The Brexiteers have three, possibly four different views on what that new house will look like. Mrs May has an idea on what it might look like and knows that the vision is so awful, she needs to keep her cards close to her chest. Carlos Ghosn at Nissan might have been shown around the lawn, but the public – the people who are going to have to pay for all this, deserve the last word.


Image : Tim Farron
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