What not to say at a Dinner Party (if you’re the Prime Minister)

After-dinner speeches can be very difficult. Mrs May found that out last night when she was slated to make a short time to state her latest position on Europe. You have to feel it for the leaders of what is now known as “EU27”, (translation : ‘Europe finally free of the Bloody British’). They diligently follow all the news services and every day, the UK’s position on Brexit has shifted (usually further to the right).

So here comes Mrs May. It’s 1am – you’re tired. You’ve eaten the meal, (had the pudding, the digestif), and now the country that seems determined to bring down Europe, has sent it’s unelected Prime Monster to say a few words…

I accept the 27 need to meet but I want the UK to play an active part, otherwise it will be hard to accept things you agreed.

Theresa May

Asked how the previous night’s dinner had gone, Jean-Claude Juncker replied with a shrug


We had no special event with Theresa May yesterday.

.. I’ll have lunch with her and then we will see what happens.

Jean-Claude Juncker
Far less sanguine was Manfred Webber, leader of the European Parliament’s Christian Democrat Party :

When somebody wants to leave a club, it is not normal that such a member wants to decide about the future of this club. That is really creating a lot of anger about the behaviour of the British government.

If you want to leave please do so, but don’t decide for the European Union.

Manfred Webber

Brexit24 would add that if somebody wants to leave a club, they shouldn’t expect to come back and use the facilities on their own terms once they’ve cancelled their membership, stopped paying the fees, insulted everyone and then taken a poop in the Jacuzzi on the way out.

Lord Hill, formerly the UK’s commissioner in Brussels for the European Union, told BBC Radio 4 :

I think there is a surprisingly widely-held view that Britain might still decide to stay in. And I think that partly explains why previously Donald Tusk has talked about it as hard Brexit or no exit.

… the danger that I can see is that we end up doing something that is mutually self-harming.


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