UKIP accused of misspending EU money on Brexit campaign

It’s another day and there’s been another leak. This time, it’s a leaked audit report by the European Parliament Bureau and seen by Sky News. The report looks into the spending of the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE), which was set up by UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage. Its findings show that the group misspent nearly half a million euros of EU funding on “indirect financing of a national political party” and a “referendum campaign”. Under the relevant EU regulations, using EU funding for either purpose is not prohibited.

Although ADDE’s membership includes MEPs from other Eurosceptic parties, about half of its members are from UKIP.

The European Parliament Bureau will make a final judgement on the audit on Monday and if it agrees with the findings of the report, it can force UKIP to repay around €170,000 and also prevent access to hundreds of thousands more of EU funding.

You can read more on the story on Sky News.

ADDE posted a statement in response to the allegation on their website.

Everything the ADDE has conducted is to provide a more coherent overview of the opinions expressed by the population that is represented by the members of the ADDE.
We are therefore confident that our expenditures (with the exception of a few minor items) are fully eligible and compliant to EU regulations.”

Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe

This will add to UKIP’s woes as they seek (again) to find a replacement for Nigel Farage as leader.

Image: Nigel Farage
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