The workers’ rights employers want to see changed post-Brexit

A survey of businesses shows there are some workers’ rights that employers would like to see changed. These are rights currently protected under EU law. Can you trust Theresa May to keep them?

A new survey of businesses show many employers do not want to see major changes in employment laws once Britain leaves the EU. So whilst the upcoming Great Repeal bill will allow Britain to make changes to laws copied from current EU legislation such as workers rights, it seems that businesses are resistant to any dramatic changes. This is, as City AM reports, because stability is a priority for business.

The survey found that only 5% of employers surveyed are looking for “dramatic” or “substantial” change. However, 65% said they wanted to see “some” change and 30% did not want to see any changes.

Amongst the changes businesses would like to see include:

  • removing rules that allow employees on long-term sick leave to roll over their annual leave;
  • changes to discrimination and equal pay laws with a minority wanting to see a cap on discrimination and equal pay awards;
  • reverse requirements to pay employees an amount for overtime during holidays.

You can see more on the survey’s results from London loves Business.

Speaking about the results, GQ Employment Law partner Paul Quain said “our survey backs widely-reported view that business wants stability post-Brexit”. He added that “while some employers see Brexit as an opportunity for a review of EU employment law in some areas, in the main they are not looking for major change”.

For workers, the results of the survey are mixed. Whilst it is good that the majority of employers do not want to see major changes to employment laws, the survey clearly shows that Brexit is a risk to the rights we enjoy under EU law.

The prime minister has so far said that her government is committed to protecting workers’ rights post-Brexit. However, she was also committed to not calling a snap general election as recently as last month… In the upcoming general election, we will all have to ask ourselves if we trust her to keep her word. The Guardian has a good post on this and suggests that despite Theresa May’s promise to protect workers’ rights post-Brexit, she has previously spoken out against some aspects of EU employment law.

Here’s a look at 10 ways the EU protects workers’ rights from the Independent.

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