Supreme Court to hear Scottish and Welsh governments in Brexit court case

The Supreme Court has granted the applications of the Scottish and Welsh governments to intervene in the case about how Article 50 should be triggered.

Interveners given permission to be heard on Brexit

The list of interveners granted by the Supreme Court today include:

  • The Lord Advocate, Scottish Government
  • The Counsel General for Wales, Welsh Government
  • The ‘Expat Interveners’, George Birnie and Others
  • The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain

The Attorney General for Northern Ireland will also be heard on devolution issues so permission to intervene was not necessary. You can read more on the Supreme Court’s website.


The Brexit court case was originally brought to challenge the government’s assertion that it had the power to trigger Article 50 under the Crown’s prerogative. The claimants are being led by Gina Miller, Deir Dos Santos and The People’s Challenge, a crowdfunded justice campaign.

On 3 November, the High Court who heard the case ruled in favour of the claimants. Here’s a reminder of their ruling, which you can see more detail of in the link above.

The Government does not have the power under the Crown’s prerogative… to withdraw from the European Union.

High Court Brexit ruling, 3rd November 2016

The government is appealing the ruling at the Supreme Court. Proceedings will begin on 5 December but a judgement is not expected until January 2017. This latest news means that alongside the claimants and the government, the court will also hear from the interveners plus the Attorney General for Northern Ireland.

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