Paul Nuttall goes AWOL for hustings in Stoke

Has UKIP’s Paul Nuttall run out of people to blame things on?

The Independent reports that UKIP leader and candidate for the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election has failed to turn up to a hustings for the very same election. His website also seems to have gone quiet and if you visit it now, it just features a message that the “site is offline for maintenance”.


This all comes amidst controversy over remarks on his website that he had lost a “close personal friend” during the Hillsborough disaster where 96 Liverpool football fans were found to be unlawfully killed. He is still fighting scepticism that he was even at the football match. Nuttall’s comments that he was there have only produced more questions. If he was there, why wasn’t he more vocal in supporting the campaign for justice. And if he wasn’t… There are just no words.

Even his admission that it wasn’t a “close personal friend” he lost but just someone he knew shows contempt for those that continue to suffer over the tragedy and for the people he’s asking to vote for him.



His decision to run for the Stoke seat has raised other lies related to Nuttall. This New Statesman piece sums them up best in a piece listing all the people the UKIP leader has blamed for all the various falsehoods.

Police are also investigating allegations of fraud over Paul Nuttall’s home address in his nomination papers. As The Times points out, all this is worrying even by UKIP standards.

Just days before the Stoke by-election, Nuttall seems to have gone missing. Perhaps he’s just run out of people to blame things on?

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