Parlez-vous “Brexit”?

Rumours are circulating tonight that the European Union is considering conducting “Brexit” negotiations with the United Kingdom in French.

Parlez-vous Brexit?

Despite the obvious indignation (the Daily  Mail will probably self-imolate this very night), there is a surprising logic to this argument. First of all, the only (remaining) country in the European Union that records Engish as it’s official language is the “United Kingdom”. Of course, “United” may have to be dropped if Nicola Sturgeon manages to invoke Scotland’s 2nd independence vote.


Nope. Officially (well, “EU officially”) the language of Ireland is Gaelic. Just imagine how many people are employed translating all EU legislation into Gaelic. Do we really believe that Enda Kenny only speaks Gaelic? Of course not. Do we believe Angela Merkel only speaks German? Of course not. Do we believe Theresa May only speaks english? Erm, yes. In fact, should the UK finally leave the European Union, there must be some logic in Ireland adopting English as it’s official language. Somebody’s got to speak the world’s first language in the EU – let it be the Irish!

Brexit24 prefers to negotiate in French than Gaelic. Prententious Moi?

Never expressed myself on negotiation language. Work as often in EN as FR. Linguistic regime to be set at start-to be agreed btw negotiators

Mrs May was wise enough to avoid the issue this evening.

If I am correctly informed, we are all entitled to speak in our native tongue

Angela Merkel
The issue is interesting because of course, the UK perception is that this is a ‘hostile’ move but of course, what is your Mother Tongue, may not be mine. Is it any worse to negotiate with Germans in English than with English in German?

une tempête dans un verre d’eau

A storm in a tea cup.



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