No additional visas for India : Theresa May

The Prime Minister dashed hopes of an expanded visa system for Indian workers coming into the UK, post-Brexit during her trade tour of India.

She briefed journalists onboard David Cameron’s newly delivered Prime Ministerial Jet (shame that he never got to fly in it himself…)

The figures show that we issue more work visas to India than I think US, Australia and China put together. Nine out of 10 visa applications from India are already accepted. We have, I believe, a good system

Theresa May, The Guardian

Free movement equals free trade

Unfortunately for the Prime Minister, India is very good at negotiating trade. Prime Minister Modi has already made it very clear that he wants more liberal access to the UK for his nationals, particularly those who wish to study in the UK. Mrs May, as Home Secretary, targeted overseas students and universities that accept international students as part of her “crackdown” on non-EU immigration.

Education is vital for our students and will define our engagement in a shared future. We must therefore encourage greater mobility and participation of young people in education and research opportunities

Narenda Modi, Prime Minister of India

Mrs May favours free trade?

She also made some comments defending world trade. Whilst perfectly apt for the dinner table in India, they don’t appear to make any sense in the light of her Conservative Party Conference speech which hinted at giving priority to immigration control over trade :

Because we know from history what happens when countries do not embrace the opportunities of the world; they stagnate, they get poorer, they don’t protect their people, they make them worse off.

Theresa May

Absolutely, Prime Minister. Absolutely.

Theresa May
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