Nicola Sturgeon ‘deeply frustrated’ by Theresa May

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon said she was profoundly frustrated by a meeting with Theresa May. She’d been present at a meeting arranged to share information on Brexit with the devolved parliaments of Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales.

Following almost two hours inside Downing Street with Scottish Brexit minister, Michael Russell to speak to reporters.

She told a BBC Scotland reporter :

We discussed the UK’s negotiating position in general, but it is safe to say we got no more information or detail on that than we had before we went into the meeting, and I got the strong sense the UK government itself doesn’t know what it is trying to achieve.


That is why many parts of the meeting were deeply frustrating, because we felt as if we weren’t getting any greater insight into the thinking of the UK government.

Nicola Sturgeon

Mrs Sturgeon said she was not bluffing about calling a Second Independence referendum. She said

If all we get from the UK government is the door getting closed in our face, then I am absolutely determined that Scotland shouldn’t be taken off that hard Brexit cliff edge without at least having the opportunity to choose a better future.

Nicola Sturgeon

The Prime Minister also offered a ‘direct-line’ to David Davis, the Brexit Secretary to the First Ministers present.

Image : Nicola Sturgeon
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