Insulting judges takes us back to Germany in the 30s

Yesterdays disgraceful assault on the judges who decided in favour of Gina Miller & The People’s Challenge in the High Court was unprecedented in recent history.

This morning, the papers have more balance, perhaps realising that they came close to a pitchfork democracy. Brexit24 particularly liked this comment from Jerry Hayes, QC :


And this also

Lord “Charlie” Falconer, a former Lord Chancellor for the Labour Party, wrote an excellent opinion piece this morning in the Guardian Newspaper. Read the full article here.

The judiciary is a pillar of our constitution. Allow faith in the judges to be eroded and that pillar is eroded at a huge cost to our freedoms.

Lord Falconer

The case of the missing Lord Chancellor

Extraordinary that the existing Lord Chancellor & Justice Secretary, Liz Truss, made no comment whatsover yesterday, provoking a flurry of Tweets like this one feigning concern for her safety.



Lord Falconer ended his Guardian piece thus

So far Truss has been completely silent, no doubt waiting for guidance from a prime minister who appears so mesmerised by the fear of what the public may do or think that she is willing to throw constitutional propriety overboard.

Truss’s silence feeds the sense that the government is either hopeless at avoiding conflict or couldn’t care less about the constitution.

Lord Falconer

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