Goldman Sachs boss says new London HQ may not be filled because of Brexit

The CEO of Goldman Sachs has tweeted again suggesting Brexit could lead to the bank moving staff from London.

Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein has tweeted another withering comment on Brexit. Tweeting a photo of Goldman Sachs’ new European headquarters currently being built in London, Blankfein said: “Expecting/hoping to fill it up but so much outside of our control.” He then added “#Brexit”.

The tweet follows one he sent last week that said he enjoyed his time in Frankfurt and that he would be spending a lot more time there. He also ended it with “#Brexit”.

Both tweets suggest that Brexit could lead to the relocation of operations away from the UK. Reuters reports the new London building won’t be ready for workers to move into until 2019. However, as the news agency adds, Goldman Sachs has so far not committed to occupying the whole building and that this was put in place before the referendum.

Image: © David Holt/Flickr
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