EU: “The ball is entirely in UK court” on Brexit

Balls, balls, balls. As Tory in-fighting continues, could it just be the government is deflecting from Brexit being a balls-up?

Aside from the World Cup qualification rounds, there seem to be a lot of balls flying around in the news today. The Times reports the prime minister is expected to tell MPs later today that, on Brexit talks, “the ball is in their [the EU] court.” Theresa May is due to make the comments when she updates Parliament on Brexit progress following her speech in Florence. But as the Independent reports, the EU does not agree. When asked about the comments by a reporter, the European commission’s chief spokesman said:

We do not provide comments on comments. But what I can remind you of is there is a clear sequencing to these talks and there has been, so far, no solution found to step one in the divorce proceedings. So the ball is entirely in the UK court.

Margaritis Schinas, European Commission chief spokesperson

At the beginning of Brexit negotiations, the UK agreed to the EU’s position on sequencing that talks would not move on to future trade until “sufficient progress” has been made on key withdrawal issues including citizens’ rights, the Irish border and a financial settlement. And following the last round of talks, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator made it clear that whilst the prime minister’s speech in Florence was welcome, they were still waiting for it to be turned into concrete proposals – particularly over the financial settlement.

In other Brexit news, City AM reports senior city figures as expressing growing fears that continued Tory in-fighting was damaging the UK. Similar sentiments were made by the British Chambers of Commerce who called for competence from the government.

British Chambers of Commerce calls for competence from the government

As City AM reports, Royal Bank of Scotland chairman Sir Howard Davies said the government had taken its “eye off the ball” on Brexit.

Perhaps the government is just deflecting from Brexit being a balls-up.

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