EU outlines more of its positions for Brexit

They include papers on governance over the Withdrawal Agreement as well as what happens to goods traded in the single market before the withdrawal date.

Yesterday, the EU’s Article 50 Task Force published another six position papers on Brexit. They outline the EU’s position on a range of issues that the Withdrawal Agreement will cover including what happens to goods placed in the single market before the withdrawal date as well as ongoing police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters at the time of withdrawal.

There is also a paper on governance, which proposes establishing a ‘Joint Committee’ made up of UK and EU representatives. The Joint Committee would ‘ensure the good functioning of the Agreement’ as well as deal with ‘unforeseen situations not covered’ in it. It would also have a role in dispute settlement between the two sides.

The six papers join a position paper on Euratom that was submitted last week to the remaining 27 member states for agreement. The agreed versions will then be submitted to the UK. Two papers already submitted to the UK include one on citizens’ rights for EU nationals in the UK and Brits in the EU as well as one on the financial settlement.

For an idea of just how complex Brexit is, have a look. They show the level of detail and commitment the EU has in ensuring all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.

You can find an up-to-date list of negotiating papers at the European Commission’s website. And for a brief overview of the new papers, Politico has a good report.

So far, the UK has only published a paper on citizens’ rights, which said that EU citizens living in the UK (including children) would need to apply for ‘settled status’. Although it’s the most detailed account of the government’s position on the status of EU citizens in the UK, there is still uncertainty over certain details. As the Guardian reports, leaked analysis from the EU on the offer said there are “many issues still to be clarified”.

EU citizens in the UK still in the dark about cost of ‘settled status’

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