Donald Tusk tells PM “not sufficient progress yet” on Brexit talks

As the PM holds talks with Donald Tusk in Downing Street, it’s the talks in Brussels that really matter.

Following her intervention on Brexit on Friday, the prime minister met with EU council president Donald Tusk today in what the Independent reports as another bid to reassure EU leaders and to break the deadlock in Brexit talks. If that’s the case, it doesn’t seem to have worked.

The BBC reports that after emerging from the meeting at Downing Street, Donald Tusk told reporters he felt “cautiously optimistic” about the change in tone in the prime minister’s Florence speech and of the discussion at their meeting today. However, he said: “But if you ask me and if today member states ask me, I would say there is not sufficient progress yet.”

It’s the talks in Brussels that matters

As we noted following May’s Florence speech, it’s the talks in Brussels that matters. It’s there where UK negotiators have the job of translating Theresa May and her government’s position on Brexit is. It’s there where detail is required about what May’s warm words mean. And for the EU to be convinced to move talks on, it’s specifically the detail on the withdrawal issues that matter.

Theresa May’s Florence speech: Delaying Brexit

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