Donald Trump suggests Nigel Farage as US ambassador

Perhaps not content with filling in the spots for his transition team as president-elect, Donald Trump has started making suggestions for senior appointments in the UK too. Last night, he tweeted his support for Nigel Farage being the British ambassador to the US.

Whoever those “many people” are, I have a feeling that there are “many people” who would disagree. But it’s a moot point (thank heavens!), because there is “no vacancy”.

There is no vacancy. We already have an excellent ambassador to the US.”

Downing Street spokesperson in response to Donald Trump’s tweet

Sorry, Donald and Nigel!

The British ambassador to the US is Sir Kim Darroch who has been in position since January 2016. He was UK Permanent Representative to the EU before his current post. I can imagine he’ll be pleased to have the support of the UK government. However, his first meeting with the incoming office of the president-elect may be a little awkward… But he’ll at least have years of diplomatic service under his belt to handle it with ease.

What next for Nigel Farage?

The response from Theresa May’s government will further frustrate Nigel Farage who certainly looks like he’s looking for a new role. Currently the interim leader of UKIP, Farage has made strong indications that he would like a role in government. Shortly after the US election, he suggested that as the only British politician to have met with Donald Trump, he was best placed to develop US-UK relations. There have already been suggestions that the government might make give him a peerage. We thought this response from a current Lord quite amusing…

Image: Nigel Farage
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