Conservative Party Conference 2016 (the Rooster)

The Conservative Party has been “banging on about Europe” for decades. This year’s conference saw the debut of Theresa May as Prime Minister, following the resignation of David Cameron following the Brexit decision.

The Rooster translates…


Because in June people voted for change. And a change is going to come.

Theresa May

Mrs May’s words had such impact because prior to the Conference speech, she had said practically nothing about the future of the country since being proclaimed Prime Minister on the 13th July. Apart from from her trademark phrase of “Brexit means Brexit” and a few sweeping statements outside Downing Street, this was the first time that her party and the nation had heard anything at all.

That the Pound crashed on the exchange markets the morning after, is a clue that not everybody liked what they heard, particularly the business community.

Let’s break the speech down into specific sections using the lady’s words but chopping out (..) any platitudes, jokes or padding. be warned, this is a huge speech. Even with a hard edit it still counts over 5,000 words.


I want to set out my vision for Britain after Brexit


Do we have a plan for Brexit? We do!

Hurrah! We were all convinced otherwise.

Are we ready for the effort it will take to see it through? We are!

I want to set out my vision for Britain after Brexit.

I want to explain what a country that works for everyone means.


And as I do so, I want to be clear about something else: that a vision is nothing without the determination to see it through.

No vision ever built a business by itself. No vision ever clothed a family or fed a hungry child. No vision ever changed a country on its own.

But change has got to come


But change has got to come too because of the quiet revolution that took place in our country just three months ago – a revolution in which millions of our fellow citizens stood up and said they were not prepared to be ignored anymore.


A once-in-a-generation chance to change the direction of our nation for good.

To step back and ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be.

So far so good, we doubt many new Prime Ministers would appear at conference offering anything very different. Arguably, Mrs May’s idea of “the new centre ground” of British Politics is considerably to the right of her predecessor. “And a change is going to come” is a lot better than “Brexit means Brexit” which was running worryingly thin.

We’ve come a long way

we have come a long way over the past six years

Never a truer word spoken. Last year, we had an elected Prime Minister. We’d just moved from 6th to 5th biggest world economy, unemployment was at a record low and we were respected by our European partners.


David Cameron, thank you.


Yes thanks, Dave – nice one, losing the country like that. Then quitting like that the morning after and creating a political race that made Game of Thrones look like an episode of the Teletubbies. Thank you, Dave.

But now we need to change again. For the referendum was not just a vote to withdraw from the EU. It was about something broader – something that the European Union had come to represent.

Funny that, we only remember there being one question on the ballot paper.

It was about a sense – deep, profound and let’s face it often justified – that many people have today that the world works well for a privileged few, but not for them.

It was a vote not just to change Britain’s relationship with the European Union, but to call for a change in the way our country works – and the people for whom it works – forever.

This is getting pretty incredible. Brexit24 would like to see what evidence there is for changing the way the country works. Was this in the manifesto? Did Jeremy Corbyn write this speech?

The roots of the revolution

Knock on almost any door in almost any part of the country, and you will find the roots of the revolution laid bare.

Our society should work for everyone, but if you can’t afford to get onto the property ladder, or your child is stuck in a bad school, it doesn’t feel like it’s working for you.


Our democracy should work for everyone, but if you’ve been trying to say things need to change for years and your complaints fall on deaf ears, it doesn’t feel like it’s working for you.

Whose doors were knocked on? Not ours. Indeed, we thought the decision to leave the European Union was only won by a 4% margin. Perhaps it was one of those pesky “cold calling” enquiries. Number witheld. Note the number of times Mrs May says “it doesn’t feel like it’s working for you.”

And the roots of the revolution run deep. Because it wasn’t the wealthy who made the biggest sacrifices after the financial crash, but ordinary, working class families.

We’re back to the revolution again. Pinch yourself, this is still the Conservative Party Conference. Where is Hugo Chavez?


A lot of people don’t like to admit this

out of work or on lower wages because of low-skilled immigration

And if you’re one of those people who lost their job, who stayed in work but on reduced hours, took a pay cut as household bills rocketed, or – and I know a lot of people don’t like to admit this – someone who finds themselves out of work or on lower wages because of low-skilled immigration, life simply doesn’t seem fair.

It feels like your dreams have been sacrificed in the service of others.

So change has got to come.

Yes, yes. A change has to come. Even we are repeating this mantra. Interesting how May has slipped immigration in there.  The “I know a lot of people don’t like to admit this” is akin to Michael Howard’s slogan as a former Tory leader, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” is code for “we really hate foreigners, unless they are fabulously wealthy.”

Because if we don’t respond – if we don’t take this opportunity to deliver the change people want – resentments will grow. Divisions will become entrenched.

And that would be a disaster for Britain.

Divisions are pretty entrenched already, Prime Minister.

One Nation


we are one United Kingdom

Because the lesson of Britain is that we are a country built on the bonds of family, community, citizenship.


A country of decency, fairness and quiet resolve.

Except of course when we’re spraying graffiti on the front of Polish community centres, smashing up mosques, insulting the gays or shouting at anyone with brown skin or any of the other genies released out their bottles by this divisive debate.

All possible because we are one United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – and I will always fight to preserve our proud, historic Union and will never let divisive nationalists drive us apart.

It may not be a “United Kingdom” for very long, Prime Minister. Scotland & Northern Ireland voted to stay as members of Europe. The Scots particularly have an axe to grind : David Cameron threatened them with ending up outside the EU if they voted for independence in his previously disastrous referendum. You’re going to have to explain how voting to remain in the UK now means leaving the European Union.

Yet within our society today, we see division and unfairness all around. Between a more prosperous older generation and a struggling younger generation. Between the wealth of London and the rest of the country.

But perhaps most of all, between the rich, the successful and the powerful – and their fellow citizens.

This is coming straight out of a UKIP anti-establishment dialogue. The Prime Minister now wishes to pit the young against the old?

Now don’t get me wrong. We applaud success. We want people to get on.

Well that is definitely a relief, Prime Minister! Since you’re against the rich, the successful and the powerful.

The spirit of citizenship

But we also value something else: the spirit of citizenship.


But today, too many people in positions of power behave as though they have more in common with international elites than with the people down the road, the people they employ, the people they pass in the street.

Ooo-er “international elites” is UKIP code for those rich buggers who earn millions. Just like UKIP MEP’s of course, who don’t actually do any work but they are the men of the people…

But if you believe you’re a citizen of the world, you’re a citizen of nowhere. You don’t understand what the very word ‘citizenship’ means.

Cripes, we can no longer be citizens of the world in this Brave New Britain.

More to the point, will the rest of the world want the Brits to be part of it – after we’ve been so beastly to all their expats in our country?

I’m putting you on warning.

So if you’re a boss who earns a fortune but doesn’t look after your staff…

Coded warning to Sir Philip Green on his yacht moored off Monaco this evening.

An international company that treats tax laws as an optional extra…

A household name that refuses to work with the authorities even to fight terrorism…

Apple, Google : I want unfettered access to the emails of all the population. I tried once before as Home Secretary but this is my time!


I’m putting you on warning. This can’t go on anymore.
A change has got to come. And this party – the Conservative Party – is going to make that change.

OK, let’s forget that only recently it was the European Union, not the UK, that slapped a 14 billion euro fine on Apple for tax evasion in Ireland. Just don’t mention David Cameron’s late father, the offshore banker.

a Britain where everyone plays by the same rules

So today, I want to set out my plan for a Britain where everyone plays by the same rules and every person has the opportunity to be all they want to be.

Didn’t we have that already? Surely the issue is failing to enforce the laws that we already have?


And to put the power of government squarely at the service of ordinary working-class people.

Because too often that isn’t how it works today.

We plan to intervene in company’s and markets like Ed Milliband threatened to.

Distasteful patriotism

Just listen to the way a lot of politicians and commentators talk about the public.

You mean people like Nigel Farage?

They find your patriotism distasteful, your concerns about immigration parochial, your views about crime illiberal, your attachment to your job security inconvenient.

Mrs May appears to have started bashing the “metropolitan elite, Westminster bubble” drum so favoured by Nigel Farage. A fishing trip for UKIP voters?]

They find the fact that more than seventeen million voters decided to leave the European Union simply bewildering.

What was “bewildering” was that they all believed that rubbish about the NHS and that the UK would be free to roam like a gazelle across Europe, whilst kicking out Johnny Foreigner and not paying a dime for the privilege.


Time for a new approach that says while government does not have all the answers, government can and should be a force for good; that the state exists to provide what individual people, communities and markets cannot; and that we should employ the power of government for the good of the people.

My ministers will be running your local soup kitchens by the time I’ve finished micro-managing the economy.

Time to reject the ideological templates provided by the socialist left and the libertarian right

Time to reject the ideological templates provided by the socialist left and the libertarian right and to embrace a new centre ground in which government steps up – and not back – to act on behalf of us all.

Let’s go fishing for Labour voters too…

the Labour Party is not just divided, but divisive


Only we can do it. Because the main lesson I take from their conference last week is that the Labour Party is not just divided, but divisive.


That’s what Labour stands for today. Fighting among themselves. Abusing their own MPs. Threatening to end their careers.


You know what some people call them? The nasty party!

The nasty party is back, with Theresa May as Chief Nasty.

A confident global Britain


A nation where contribution matters more than entitlement. Merit matters more than wealth.

A confident global Britain that doesn’t turn its back on globalisation but ensures the benefits are shared by all.

A country that is prosperous and secure, so every person may share in the wealth of the nation and live their life free from fear.

That’s what I mean by a country that works for everyone.

A confident global Britain that is about to sever it’s free trade ties with 430 million first-world consumers in 27 nations. May we all share in that wealth, Prime Minister!

And as for “free from fear” presumably doesn’t apply to Polish workers, gays or anyone whose skin is anything darker than Dulux Brilliant White. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Stop quibbling!

And if we believe in the good that government can do, it’s important for people to trust us to deliver the change they need.

We can start – as I said on Sunday – by doing something obvious. And that is to stop quibbling, respect what the people told us on the 23rd of June – and take Britain out of the European Union.


And let’s be clear about what is going to happen.

Out by the end of March 2017


Article Fifty – triggered no later than the end of March.


And this is why the Pound crashed Mrs. May. Invoking Article 50 is like cancelling the rental agreement on your house, handing in a two year notice period and then sitting around trying renegotiate the rent.

To invoke it within 6 months when there is no plan and your Ministers are contradicting themselves daily, could cost this country a fortune. By the way, are you sure can just “invoke it” without Parliament’s approval?


The Great Repeal Bill

A Great Repeal Bill to get rid of the European Communities Act – introduced in the next Parliamentary session.

Our laws made not in Brussels but in Westminster.

Our judges sitting not in Luxembourg but in courts across the land.
The authority of EU law in this country ended forever.

Nurse!! Quickly! Our Prime Minister apparently doesn’t know that our judges don’t sit in Luxembourg and that the UK’s Sovereign Parliament is perfectly capable of passing laws.

Incidentally the EU laws concerning financial services or car manufacturing will still apply because we export those items into the EU so we have to make our goods & services legal.

No running commentary, or no plan?


It is, of course, too early to say exactly what agreement we will reach with the EU. It’s going to be a tough negotiation, it will require some give and take. And while there will always be pressure to give a running commentary, it will not be in our national interest to do so.

It’s also fine cover for a complete absence of policy, Prime Minister. After all, this is hardly Coronel Saunder’s Secret Recipe is it? More to the point, you are not legally empowered to to start your negotiations until Parliament approves it. Try and spin this “no running commentary” there and you’ll be laughed out of the House.

Freedom to trade

But let me be clear about the agreement we seek.


I want it to include cooperation on law enforcement and counter-terrorism work.

I want it to involve free trade, in goods and services.

I want it to give British companies the maximum freedom to trade with and operate within the Single Market – and let European businesses do the same here.

Notice “maximum” trade – Mrs May has already abandoned all hope of Boris Johnson’s promised “cake and eat it” scenario. Also the “I want” … isn’t it reasonable to wonder what Europe “wants” too..

to become, once more, a fully sovereign and independent country

But let’s state one thing loud and clear: we are not leaving the European Union only to give up control of immigration all over again.

So Mrs May is prioritising border control over trade. What’s that crashing noise? Ah, the pound just fell off a cliff.

And we are not leaving only to return to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. That’s not going to happen.

We are leaving to become, once more, a fully sovereign and independent country – and the deal is going to have to work for Britain.

It is going to have to work for Britain, since you are shutting the doors to free trade with the rest of the European Union.

And that Britain – the Britain we build after Brexit – is going to be a Global Britain.

Just a “Global Britain” locked out of 430 million consumers in 27 nations, just 26 miles off our south-eastern coast. Never mind, there is always Zimbabwe, or Yemen.

Britain .. on the world stage


In fact, now is the time to forge a bold, new, confident role for ourselves on the world stage.

Keeping our promises to the poorest people in the world.

So we’re still planning on sending around £15 billion overseas to finance Presidential Jets in Yemen and build airports that will never open in South Atlantic Islands. Of course, it will be worth around a fifth less when converted out of Pounds Sterling after this speech..

Brexit24 predicts a surfeit of second-hand presidential jets on the market next year…

The finest armed forces known to man

And always committed to a strong national defence and supporting the finest Armed Forces known to man.

But we will never again – in any future conflict – let those activist, left-wing human rights lawyers harangue and harass the bravest of the brave – the men and women of Britain’s Armed Forces.

Another budget ring-fence and our Armed Forces are now free to commit war crimes around the planet without supervision or the checks & balances imposed by those pesky ‘activist’ lawyers.

Getting on with the job


An economy that’s fair and where everyone plays by the same rules.

That means acting to tackle some of the economy’s structural problems that hold people back.

Things like the shortage of affordable homes.

Getting falling houses prices should be pretty straightforward Prime Minister, when your lack of a plan becomes public knowledge.

we will identify the sectors of the economy .. of strategic importance


It’s not about picking winners, propping up failing industries, or bringing old companies back from the dead.

It’s about identifying the industries that are of strategic value to our economy and supporting and promoting them through policies on trade, tax, infrastructure, skills, training, and research and development.


Not just sitting back and seeing what happens – but putting in place a plan and getting on with the job.

So we will identify the sectors of the economy – financial services, yes, but life sciences, tech, aerospace, car manufacturing, the creative industries and many others – that are of strategic importance to our economy, and do everything we can to encourage, develop and support them.

Nice of her to remember the ‘financial services’ sector. Small fry really, a sector which brings in £66 billion in taxes every year (half the NHS England budget). Shame that without free trade, most of that business will relocate to Dublin, Paris or New York. Oh well.

Northern Powerhouse

Thanks to George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse, over the past year, foreign direct investment in the North has increased at double the rate of the rest of the country.

(Who you fired at the first opportunity)


The Conservative Party will always believe in free markets. And that’s precisely why it’s this party that should act to defend them.

Yay, so we are going to continue trading with Europe with open borders?

From Edmund Burke onwards, Conservatives have always understood that if you want to preserve something important, you need to be prepared to reform it. We must apply that same approach today.

No, we’re not!

Prepared to intervene


That’s why where markets are dysfunctional, we should be prepared to intervene.

Where companies are exploiting the failures of the market in which they operate, where consumer choice is inhibited by deliberately complex pricing structures, we must set the market right.

We are going to intervene in everything.

The property ladder

It’s just not right, for example, that half of people living in rural areas, and so many small businesses, can’t get a decent broadband connection.

It’s just not right that two thirds of energy customers are stuck on the most expensive tariffs.

They’re not “stuck” just too lazy to use Go Compare!


Ask almost any question about social fairness or problems with our economy, and the answer so often comes back to housing.


We will do everything we can to help people financially so they can buy their own home. That’s why Help to Buy and Right to Buy are the right things to do.

So we continue to fund the housing bubble while supporting foreign ownership of key utilities?

Take big decisions


It means using public sector land for more and faster house building.

It means encouraging new technologies that will help us to get more houses built faster. And putting in more government investment too.


And something else we need to do: take big, sometimes even controversial, decisions about our country’s infrastructure.

Like Hinckley Point which you froze on arriving in office before approving after the mere hint of Chinese threats of repercussions?

Because we need to get Britain firing in all areas again.

Don’t worry Prime Minister, the firing has begun already. By the time you invoke Article 50, it may be completely finished.

It is why we will press ahead with plans for High Speed 2, linking London and Birmingham and, eventually, towns and cities in the North.


And we can make these big decisions because our economy is strong and because of the fiscal discipline we have shown over the last six years.

A discipline which I now intend to abandon….

And we must continue to aim for a balanced budget.

‘Continue to aim for’ translates as ‘we have completely abandoned all hope of a balanced budget ever again. Spend!

The party of businesses


This party will always be the party of businesses large and small.

But we must acknowledge that the way a small number of businesses behave fuels the frustration people feel.

It’s not the norm. I know that most businesses and the people who run them are hardworking, entrepreneurial and public spirited at heart.

Spoiler alert, another “but” is coming….

But the actions of a few tar the reputations of the many.

So the party that believes in business is going to change things to help support it.

Too often the people who are supposed to hold big business accountable are drawn from the same, narrow social and professional circles as the executive team.

Yes, they are called “wealth creators” Prime Minister.

And too often the scrutiny they provide is not good enough.


So later this year we will publish our plans to have not just consumers represented on company boards, but workers as well.

Yay so Harry the cleaner and Marge the consumer will set on the board of the big firms and will get paid a fortune for being politely listened to and then ignored.

Because we are the party of workers.

Nope. You (were) the Conservative Party. That Corbyn chap has the other franchise.

Workers rights

Of those who put in the effort. Those who contribute and give of their best.
That’s why we announced on Saturday that we’re going to review our laws to make sure that, in our modern and flexible economy, people are properly protected at work.

Workers’ rights – not under threat from a Conservative government.

Workers’ rights – protected and enhanced by a Conservative government.

Another fishing trip for Labour voters.

a low-tax economy

And let me say something about tax.

We’re all Conservatives here. We all believe in a low-tax economy. But we also know that tax is the price we pay for living in a civilised society.

Nobody, no individual tycoon and no single business, however rich, has succeeded on their own.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Elon Musk, Elton John, Simon Cowell, Martin Sorrell, Robert Dyson all did pretty well Prime Minister, some of them are even British.

Their goods are transported by road, their workers are educated in schools, their customers are part of sophisticated networks taking in the private sector, the public sector and charities.

We’ve all played a part in that success.

So it doesn’t matter to me who you are.

If you’re a tax-dodger, we’re coming after you.

The PM has evidently not heard of digital downloads, nor streaming nor TV shows. Some of these people have never touched British soil. Surely Governments set tax and Corporations abide by those laws? As for the tax bit, it was only the EU that got $15 billion out of Apple for evading tax. Not the Irish or British governments.

A big agenda for change

This is a big agenda for change. But it is necessary and essential.

Yes it is Prime Minister. But a lot of it wasn’t in the last manifesto and you didn’t win the last General Election as Prime Minister.

Do you have a mandate for any of this stuff?

The NHS – one of the finest health care systems anywhere in the world

It is a programme for government to act to create an economy that works for everyone – an economy that’s on the side of ordinary working class people.

And an economy that can support the vital public services and institutions upon which we all rely – to invest in the things we hold dear.

Like the NHS – one of the finest health care systems anywhere in the world, and a vital national institution.

An institution that reflects our values, our belief in fairness, and in which we all take enormous pride.


And one that, if it were a nation, would have a bigger GDP than Pakistan. An NHS teeming with professionals (immigrants, Prime Minister) from all over the world.

You know a politician is on the ropes if they start praising the NHS. What Nigel Lawson called  “the nearest thing the English have to a religion”.

Because there is complete cross-party support for the NHS.

Translation : no sane politician would go near it’s ring fence for fear of appearing on the front cover of the Daily Mail.


So let’s have no more of Labour’s absurd belief that they have a monopoly on compassion.

Let’s put an end to their sanctimonious pretence of moral superiority.


When they abandoned the centre ground.

OK, let’s really stick the knife in Labour!

Government doing good

Because we believe in public service. We believe in investing in and supporting the institutions that make our country great.

We believe in the good that government can do.

Government can also do a lot of damage too Mrs May, if it gets it wrong with “big change”.

Government cannot stand aside when it sees social injustice and unfairness. If we want to make sure Britain is a country that works for everyone, government has to act to make sure opportunity is fairly shared.

Think “North Korea, but with a blue rinse.

It doesn’t matter where you were born

And I want us to be a country where it doesn’t matter where you were born, who your parents are, where you went to school, what your accent sounds like, what god you worship, whether you’re a man or a woman, gay or straight, or black or white.

Tell that to the Polish Community Centre in Hammersmith, or the ladies whose headscarves were ripped off, or the gay-bashing unleashed. Have you read the comments section in the Daily Express?

All that should matter is the talent you have and how hard you’re prepared to work.

But if we’re honest we’ll admit that’s simply not the case for everyone today.

Advancement in today’s Britain is still too often determined by wealth or circumstance.

By an accident of birth rather than talent.

By privilege not merit.

You mean like the Royal Family? Or your husband, the banker?

deep social reform

Rebalancing our economy is a start, but if we’re serious about overturning some of the longstanding injustices and barriers that stop working people from getting on, we need that economic reform to be allied with genuine and deep social reform too.

Because a society that works for everyone is a society based on fairness. And only genuine social reform can deliver it.

What are we planning here? Communism?  The Quakers?


It means never writing off people who can work and consigning them to a life on benefits, but giving them the chance to go out and earn a living and to enjoy the dignity that comes with a job well done.

But for those who can’t work, we must offer our full support – which is why it was so important that Damian Green announced on Saturday that we will end the mandatory retesting of those with chronic health conditions that only induces stress but does nothing at all to help.

Let’s just stick the knife into that sanctimonious Iain Duncan Smith one last time.. take that you treacherous swine!

Proud moments

And genuine social reform means addressing historic injustices that hold too many people back.”
Some of my proudest moments ..

I introduced the first ever Modern Slavery Act, bringing in tough new penalties to put slave masters behind bars, with life sentences for the worst offenders.

I cut the police’s use of stop and search by almost two thirds and reduced the disproportionate targeting of young, black men.

No mention of those failed immigration targets, nor those GO HOME immigration vans that were your idea and then quickly dropped, nor the meltdown in Border Control.

Injustices remain.

If you are from a black Caribbean background, you are three times more likely to be permanently excluded from school than other children.

If you are a black woman, you are seven times more likely to be detained under mental health legislation than a white woman.

People in ethnic minority households are almost twice as likely to live in relative poverty as white people.

But it is not just those from minority backgrounds who are affected.

White working class boys are less likely to go to university than any other group in society.


Notice how the remaining injustices are all in other departments. Mrs May leaves the Home Office “job done”. Amber Rudd just has to water the plants.

An unprecedented audit of public services

We cannot let this stand – not if a country that works for everyone is the principle that binds us all together.

That’s why I have launched an unprecedented audit of public services to shine a light on these racial disparities and let us do something about them.

As Home Secretary I specialised in the art of the “unprecedented audit”. Here’s another one. That one I commissioned into historic child abuse is so huge in it’s remit that it may never be completed.

A Great Meritocracy

That’s why in one of the first speeches I gave as Prime Minister I set out my plans to transform Britain into a Great Meritocracy.

My principal merit having been to hide in the shadows during the week of the long knives.

And that starts in our schools.

Here comes yet another Conservative education shake-up! Number Six?

increase the number of good school places


Thanks to the free schools and academies programme and the efforts of teachers, heads and governors, there are now 1.4 million more children in good and outstanding schools compared with 2010.

That’s why Justine Greening and I have set out a new package of reforms, building on Michael Gove’s success, to increase the number of good school places across the country…

Rather, I have told Justine Greening to bring back Grammar Schools, or she is so out of a job!


That is why we want more of our great universities to set up or sponsor schools in the state sector – just as the University of Birmingham has done, a few miles from here.

Shame that my restrictions on foreign students will cripple their finances.

It’s why we are saying to the great private schools that – in return for their charitable tax status – we want them to do more to take on children without the means to pay, or set up and sponsor good state schools.

I learnt this trick in the movie, “The Godfather”.

Because for too long politicians have said to people and communities who are crying out for change that they can’t have what they want.

They’ve said we don’t think you should have it, even though we might enjoy those very same things for ourselves.

Nobody has ever said anything remotely like this, Prime Minister.

And you end up in the absurd situation where you stop these good, popular, life-changing schools from opening – by law.

Imagine. Think of what that says.

It says you are about to give Grammar Schools another outing…

If you’re rich or well off, you can have a selective education for your child. You can send them to a selective private school. You can move to a better catchment area or afford to send them long distances to get the education you want.

Brexit will probably solve “rich or well off” Prime Minister, why worry?

That is a scandal and we – the Conservative Party – must bring it to an end.

Let’s make everyone equally poor!

A country based on merit not privilege


So my vision is for Britain to be a Great Meritocracy.

That’s what I’ve always believed in. The cause that everything I have ever done in politics has been designed to serve.

Because a country based on merit not privilege, is a country that’s fair. And when we overcome unfairness and injustice, we can build that new united Britain that we need.

And united, we can do great things.

I’m feeling dizzy, is this going somewhere … united?

We achieve together or fall short together


It was a memorable summer for British sport, but one moment stood out for me above all other.

It was not from Rio. It happened later. Just a couple of weeks ago on the sun-drenched streets of Cozumel in Mexico.

There, our celebrated triathlon champion Jonny Brownlee was heading for glory, the finishing line in sight, when he faltered. Stopped. And was falling exhausted to the ground.

And just behind him, his brother Alistair – a tough competitor who typically yields to no one – had the chance to run on and steal the prize.

But seeing his brother’s struggle, he didn’t pass on by. As other competitors ran past, he stopped. Reached out his hand. And gently carried him home.

And there in that moment, we saw revealed an essential truth. That we succeed or fail together. We achieve together or fall short together.

We suspect the latter.


And this week, we have shown the country that we mean business.

Nope, you’ve shown us you are prepared to trash the economy in the name of fundamental-brexitism.

a bold plan to bring Britain together


This is a bold plan to bring Britain together. To build a new united Britain, rooted in the centre ground.

An agenda for a new modern Conservatism. That understands the good government can do. That will never hesitate to face down the powerful when they abuse their positions of privilege.

Bold certainly, do you have an election mandate for any of this stuff?

the portraits of prime ministers past


For as I leave the door of my office at Number 10, I pass that famous staircase – the portraits of prime ministers past lined up along the wall.

Men – and of course one woman – of consequence, who have steered this country through difficult times – and changed it for the better too.

Most of them were ELECTED into the job also, Prime Minister. Or at least had the good sense not to go off on a tangent from the previous manifesto. It does make a difference!

To take back control

Such opportunities are rare, but we face such a moment today.

A moment that calls us to respond and to reshape our nation once again.


To build a stronger, fairer, brighter future… here in Britain.

Funny that, we thought that we had those powers to shape the future in Britain. Can’t remember anyone telling us we couldn’t have a Sovereign Government.

Come with me

Come with me and you’ll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you’ll see
Into your imagination

Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory

So to everyone here this morning – and the millions beyond whether leavers or remain – I say:

Come with me and we’ll write that brighter future.

Come with me and we’ll make that change.

Come with me as we rise to meet this moment.

Come with me and together let’s seize the day.

Theresa May

Come with me – to a world of financial imagination…

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