Brexit Roundup: RBS calls for transitional plan & the weekend’s politics

What’s the plan? There’s still no plan.

Whilst politicians here and politicians in the rest of Europe continue to dither about what Brexit actually means, business is starting to get angsty. RBS chairman, Sir Howard Davies, has called on Theresa May to draw up a transitional plan so that banks weren’t forced to make decisions based on uncertainty. He warned that with no assurances or plans in place, banks are already making contingency plans.

I think it is damaging if we don’t get a transitional deal because I think you will then see banks and financial institutions making decisions on the basis of uncertainty.”


So they will not sit back, they are currently making contingency plans and once you’ve got a contingency plan – hey, there is a risk you might implement it one day.”

Sir Howard Davies, chairman of RBS

Read more in The Guardian: RBS chairman calls on Theresa May to draw up Brexit transitional plan

Planning for Brexit with Football Manager

In the absent of a concrete plan (on 24 June and four months later) from the government, The Guardian has a feature on how one business has planned for Brexit and its potential consequences. Perhaps someone should add Football Manager to Theresa May’s Christmas stocking this year…

Read more in The Guardian: We planned for Brexit at Football Manager. So why did no one else?

Populism wins Brexit & US election – where’s next?

Marine Le Pen, leader of Front National

Marine Le Pen, leader of Front National

It was a busy weekend as newspapers and political shows continued to digest Trump’s victory and its possible impacts – on the USA, in the UK and the rest of the world. Donald Trump’s surprise win has been firmly aligned with Brexit and political commentators are now giving serious consideration as to whether upcoming elections across Europe could follow in the same manner… Most controversially, Andrew Marr’s Sunday show featured an interview with Marine Le Pen.

Congratulations to the new president of the United States Donald Trump and to the free American people!”

Marine Le Pen, National Front party leader

You can read more in the Evening Standard: BBC defends decision to air interview with Marine Le Pen on Remembrance Sunday

For more on other upcoming elections, Bloomberg has an interesting piece looking at where the surprises could come next across Europe: After Brexit and Trump, populists target next dominoes in Europe.

No third wheel in this ‘special relationship’

Speaking of Donald Trump, Nigel Farage flew over for a visit (whilst the majority of politicians continue to work out exactly how they might work with the president-elect). They took a photo in front of the Donald’s gold doors and Nigel Farage maintained that he alone is best placed to serve the ‘special relationship’. However, No. 10  maintain that his services are not necessary.

The president-elect talked about enjoying the same relationship as Thatcher and Reagan. I don’t recall there being any third person in that relationship.”

No 10 spokesperson as reported in The Telegraph.

Sorry Nige’!

Ed Miliband chips in on Preston

Over on Peston on Sunday, Ed Miliband said that he disagreed with the Lib Dems demand for a referendum on the terms of a Brexit deal.

We had a referendum and we’ve got to respect the result. We are leaving the EU.”

Ed Miliband

He added that if there was a second referendum, there is a danger that the choices would be a “hard, destructive Brexit” or a reversal of the result and he believed that hard Brexit would win.

The former Labour leader also said that he believed that the UK needed to have market access but that freedom of movement had to change. This remains a sticky issue given that Other european leaders have been clear that access to the single market was conditional on there being freedom of movement.

In Wales? Your chance to have your say

A series of sessions are planned in Wales whereby MPs are inviting the public to share their views on Brexit. This is all part of UK Parliament Week, which is apparently this week! You can read more in the BBC’s report of the first session in: Brexit views sought by MPs in Ebbw Vale public meeting.

Ed Balls is the new baby iguana

On a lighter note, this also happened at the weekend. Just like the baby iguana escaped the racer snakes in Planet Earth II, Ed balls survives to dance another dance. You could say he showed similar moves too!

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