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About Brexit24

Welcome to – we are a news review site and our principal focus is on (ahem) Brexit. We do occasionally cover other topics, be we aim to provide a solid round-up of every, you know, Brexit.


Honesty, facts (ideally where can cite sources or authors), tolerance and respect for all. We believe that the UK has become too polarised, too divided with the Brexit debate. Some humour is much needed to.

For or against Brexit

When the Referendum was called, we were dismayed by the simplistic binary option given to the nation by our Former Prime Minister.

We did – and still do – totally “get it” when people talked about the issues of the EU, the costs, the waste in parallel governments. Even that one about the bananas. Really.

But we see lots of positive things that have come from Europe and changed society in the United Kingdom for good. We enjoy being able to roam freely in Europe, we welcome meeting people from other cultures, the coffee has improved no end too!

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As an online news service, we use social media, particularly Twitter @brexit24 and Contact us there, it’s good to talk.